Thursday, June 11, 2009


Two days ago I spent an afternoon at a coffee plantation and shared about AIDS with the workers. A tight community hungry for a better understanding of what is happening to their brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers, children and friends. A vibrant group of people who lack the basic knowledge of what, to them, is still an illusive disease in their midst. "Can it be passed from one person to another through a mosquito?" "How about kissing?" "What should we do if one spouse has AIDS and the other one doesn't?" "Does anyone have a cure?" "If you have TB does that also mean you have AIDS?" These are just a handful of questions fired off one after another for over 45 minutes. I have some questions of my own that I keep asking myself...Why do these people not know? Why are their people in this world who don't know that there is a deadly disease living behind the innocent eyes of their neighbor and friend? Why is it that they don't know the basic precautions they can take to keep it from spreading? And we have problems with our economy?

Yesterday was a travel day. From mid morning to late evening we were on the road on our way to Mombasa, a coastal community. This is a resort town where the Italians particularly have settled in for vacation. Europe has infiltrated this area. But even though the white skin is reddening in this town, the black skin still pervades, and has found some important and well deserved business in the pocketbooks of an international community looking for a little rest and relaxation. It is beautiful here, and for the price, it's no wonder people flock. Four of us are staying in our own separate rooms in a country villa for less than $20 a night per person, and our meals are being cooked by one of the finest African "mama's" around. We will spend three days here working with a handful of youth workers being trained by my Kenyan friend Charles in the ways of ministry and national care of students ages 12-30. Amidst what will be a pretty rigorous schedule, there will be time for a dip in the pool. I'm looking forward some time to kick back. I wonder if I can get my hands on one of those coconuts hanging from the trees by the pool!


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