Friday, June 26, 2009


Well, I made it back. After two flights totalling out at 16 hours of fly time, I have touched down and am trying to reaclimate to Seattle. So far so good...other than the jetlag. Have you ever shopped on E-Bay at 3am? What else does one do when he slips out of a deep sleep into the land of the conscious with little hope for an immediate return. So, early this morning I bought a gemstone scale and gemstone carrying case. I don't know if the deals are better at 3am or not, but I felt accomplished. While I was in Kenya I was able to obtain some Tanzanite and Emerald stones, as well as the connections that could lead to a new business. Anyone got leads on what it takes to become a precious gem dealer here in the states? How about connections to some trustworthy jewelry dealers? If anyone's interested in Tanzanite, Emeralds, Rubies or Saphires, let me know. I may have a deal for you! Don't worry, these aren't "Blood Diamonds".

O.k., so other than the jetlag, I am beginning to settle in fairly well. One of the beautiful things about this trip is that I haven't gone through all the emotional hype that often comes with mission trips. From beginning to end things have gone quite smoothly, and I haven't been plagued by the typical roller coaster. Hmm...maybe that's a bad thing. I might be missing something. Oh well. It feels good to be on this side for a change. I'm much more grounded. Now if I could just get my physical body to land on the ground as well, that would be great.

Till next time...


Mark said...

Hey Jamie--just came over here from church hurts. Been catching up on your Kenyan trip. I couldn't help getting homesick for Malawi. Question..when you've spent some time in a place like Kenya and start to have a tug on your heart for their people--do you ever start thinking maybe that place is home--maybe you don't want to go home to the States, but you want to stay and do what you can there? If I could make a difference, I think I could tear up my roots here and never look back. Let me know when you'll be back in Michigan--we need to catch up. Love you man. Mark

Jamie said...

Home is where the heart is right? I hope my home is deep in the heart of relationship with people, regardless of where I go. Sounds like yours is spread out as well. I hope you get to return to Malawi someday.